The only thing you have to do is add .nth (maxkdave.nth)
After the name of the folder.

Now you can hide the icon of your folder.
The only thing you have to do is add .ota (e.g Games.ota)
After the name of the folder.

This trick is very simple friends.You dont need any
thing for this trick. Just simply follow the steps and
your work will be done.
1. Create a folder of any name like abc
2. Move the files you want to hide.
3. Now just add the extension .jad like if you have abc
folder rename it to abc.jad
4. Now create anotherfolder in same directory with
the same name but different extension of .jar
(example abc.jar)
5. now your main folder (with .Jad extention) will hide
and it will not be shown.To see the original folder
rename the visible folder (of.Jar extention) and your
hidden folder will appear.

[4] RECORD FM RADIO With this trick you can record FM
Broadcast in amr format. First download a java
application named XploreME in your phone. Now
switch on the radio and play it through the
loudspeaker. Now open XploreME and select the
Record option. You will see two fields, first field is to
set the folder you want to save the recorded file and
the second field is for choosing the time limit of
recording. If you have a memory card, write E:/ in
the first field. Now press Ok and start recording.
After recording, you will findthe file inside your
memory card.

Download XploreME

This trick works only for some phones. Copyright items are those items which can not be copied, moved or deleted and these store permanently to your phone. First of all, you have to go to your default web browser (NOT OPERAMINI). If you have to copy a theme then you have to write-
file:///c:/predefgallery/predefthemes/name of the
name of tone
and press ok.


FACEBOOK FREE SMS: How to send and receive free sms to anyphone number round the whole world via facebook

Today, i want to share with you another way to send free sms to your relatives friends, love ones and well wishes round the whole world, free of charge through your Facebook account.
If you are a facebook user, youcan easily send free sms to your relatives, friends love ones and well
wishes mobile phone number round the whole world, free of charge using your facebook account.
How to send and receive this free sms:
1. First of all go to this facebook app http://apps.facebook.com/chatsms
You will be asked to allow the app to run, edit and post to your wall then click on Allow and wait for some few seconds.
2. Now to send the free sms, just go to the app, choose the country where you want to send sms, type the phone number of receiver i.e the person you want to send the sms to, type the message you want to send and click on “Send Sms”
3. You can only type up to 100 characters in the box. Your name will be attached before the sms and a small advertisement will be attached after your sms. For example, letsay you send “Hello John, howare you doing? How about your studies?” It has been long, this is my number 080xxxxxxxx, your can reachme with that number anytime”.
Now from the app, then the actual sms received by your friend will be
“Your name: “Hello John, how are you doing? How about your Studies?”
It has been long, this is my number 080xxxxxxxx, your can reach me with that number anytime” and a small advertisement after your message.
1. There is also a limit for this free sms per day. You can sendonly around 5 sms per day, if you want to send more sms then you can recharge online through your account by paying with your paypal or other online account listed there. 2. To receive your friends replies immediately, if him or her is online, you must be online to your facebook account via http://apps.facebook.com/chatsms
3. It is better to do this via PC.

That All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it works for you.
Kindly use the share buttons, Like and send button to share and send this post to your friend. They will surely appreciate it.

Delete viruses without any anti virus software

how to delete this kind of viruswhen you have no any anti-virus software ?
so let’s see, every file of virus has a attribute like this : Read only file, Hidden file , System file so now this kind of file can’t be deleted easily . so first how to get into that kind of drive ?
follow this steps
>go to my computer you can also type this shortcut key : ” WIN E ”
,find address bar on the top n type the location of your drive
for eg: D:
after the drive name colon is compulsory .okay now , hit the enter key
you w’ll be in that drive !
okay now how to find virus onthat drive ?
so let’s open the cmd command prompt go to run type cmd and hit the enter key , now in cmd type the location of your drive which is infected by virus . for eg: type :E and press enter
now type dir to view all the file on on drive
but the virus will be not shown at this time !
so what to do ?
you have to remove it’s attributes like read only , hidden , and system
so let’s remove the attribute
type attrib -s -r -h
hit the enter key again
now type dir and enter key
now you w’ll find the files of virus like auto run.inf or new folder.exe etc that are appearing as a unknown files !
so type del file name
or type rd folder name
eg: del auto run.inf
rd new folder
but if you got difficulty go on that drive as i told you and simply delete the file by clickingright click or del key !
if that file still can’t be deleted
download this software called unlocker to delete undeleteble file easily.this trick is also working on pen drive . you can remove virus from pen drive by doing this steps 🙂
so enjoy… !

How To Get UK Number: Turn Your Phone Number To UK Number

With the power of technology, you can easily turn your phonenumber to a UK Number with some few clicks. You can get free UK telephone number which can be programmed androamed to divert to any phone number. The Service is free andno charge for the numbers either.
This is very helpful in reducing call charges. When you get a UK number, your loved ones in UK will only pay for calling a UK number instead of paying for international calls. You can give out the UK Number to people to contact you on, without giving out your real number.
How Do I Get Started?
To get started, go to either of the 2 sites below:
And register following d processes involved, after successful registration, your UKNUMBER will be sent to the email address you used for registration. Then u will be asked to activate it….


How Update Your Facebook Status UpSide Down

upsidedown facebook

Now this is something which will
really make your facebook status,
comments, notes
different.Writing Text Upside
Down On Facebook isn’t
something difficult…have you
ever come across facebook
friends updating status and the
text was twisted upside down?

And all that you concluded was
that these sets of people are
internet gurus.
Guess you getting it wrong.

Here’s an example of this trick

At the end of this post, you will
get to know the secrets behind
this facebook trick…

Now to the topic How To Write
Text Upside Down On Facebook
• Firstly,Login to Your Facebook

• Goto Flip Text Centre by Copy and Paste Below Code in Your ßrowser

• On this page you will get two
(2) box
At the upper case box, input the
text you wish to turn upside
down on facebook, twitter,
myspace or blogs

• Now Navigate down, you will
see a link to FLIP THE TEXT you
entered at the upper case box.
Click on this link then wait for
your text to be flipped

• Finally, copy whatever you see
at the lower case box. Switch
back to your facebook, twitter,
myspace. You wana post the
flipped text.

• Paste the code you copied
above to your status, comments,
note, etc. box
then finally share it.
View your updated status on pc
or mobile(opera,ucweb).

Thats all then you’re done!
NOTE: Best viewed on PC.


2go icon
It’s very annoying when chatting on 2go, You decided to Upload a new profile pics and you have to wait/stop chatting just because you want to Upload a new Profile pics…. This is very annoying expecially when you are using a S40 Phone, S60 users can just Minimize 2go and do other things.. We will put an End to that today, Now you can Chat and Upload Profile pics in Background.
1. When Uploading the Image and you want to Continue Chatting, Just Press Zero , a Short-cut will appear on your Screen like this.
2. Then Press 3 on your Phone Keypad and you Should be takenBack to your Chat Page. You can Press any Number you want to perform any Option as shown on the Image above, Your Imageshould be Uploading in Background.
Thats All | No More waiting for Image to Finish Uploading before continue chatting with your friends.



Everything needs backup this days, I Guess you know that? If you’re the conscious type like me, You will see more to Backingup of your Files. Today, We will be sharing a Tips on How to Backup data on your Andriod device.
andriod app
These Tips are for both Normal users and more Advanced users who have Rooted their devices. Let’s begin.
We shall be Discussing of 3 Different Ways to Effectively Backup your Andriod Device.
1. Google Contact Sync
2. My Backup
3. Go Backup
The Detailed Explanation on How the 3 different Andriod Backup Scope Works will be Explained…… Let’s go
I flash my Android phone almost everyday with new ROMs or Kernels and I lose my contacts in the process. This also applies whenever I change my mobile device and I need all my contacts.
googlesync icon
I use the inbuilt sync feature thatcomes with Android to sync all my contacts to the cloud. I just perform a restore and here is how you do it.
1. Go to Settings
2. Open Account and Sync
3. Add a Google Account
4. Tap on the account that you just added
5. Tap on Sync Contacts
After doing step 5, all your contacts have been automaticallybacked up to your Google account and you can access and manage it at http://google.com/contacts.
Remember that you have to syncperiodically so that it can update your contact list with newly created contacts.
Note:- This process takes approximately 1-2MB of data.
Why you should use i Use Google Sync?
This is a very effective way to backup your contacts. You can also group your contacts online.
This App has been Serving me seriously for Backup Purpose fora very long time now, Its Effective and i enjoy it… One of the Greatest reason why i loves this App is that it does not need root access to backup, It can backup your Apps without it.
andriod backup
If you want a Wonderful App to Backup your Files, Don’t dull, Download this App to your Andriod Device now
GO Backup is a free backup tool that handles data backup and restore very well on Android. The app was made by the makers of the famous Android launcher – Go Launcher EX.
andriod go-backup
It offers batch backup of your contacts, messages, logs, apps and basically all data on your Android phone. However, I just recently found out you need to have root access on your phone before you can use it to backup application data.Why you should use it?
This is a very clean uncluttered app that just does what it says inthe easiest way possible. If you are just in need of something to quickly back up your data, this isyour best bet.