J2MEdit is a powerful and very easy to use source code editor and synthax highlighter for java JEME devices. J2ME allows you to create, edit, store, share and compile source codes in varios programming languages including JAVA, C/C+++, PHP and HTML. Standard documents can also be created allowing you to compose notes, lists and word wrapped documents. J2ME edit gives you the option to share files locally or over the internet and even share files with others.

• Store files locally and on the net.
• Create source code files in JAVA, C/C+++, PHP and HTML.
• Compile java and C++ codes directly from your phone.
• Create notes, word wrapped documents and memo.
• Send files to anyone via email.
• Editing features such as cut, copy, paste, Find/Replace and others
• Assign any key on your mobile to do what you want.
• Load files to your phone from the internet.
• And some more other features numerous to mention.

If you are having any doubts visit their Official Site