Well, Now a day everyone have atleast one nokia phone and know that “what is bluetooth?“.

It is very easy to send/recieve data via bluetooth but here is a trick for bluetooth
you can called this bluetooth trick as ” BLUETOOTH PRANK ”
So how this prank works, let us show you
STEP I – First of all turn on bluetooth of your nokia phone
STEP II – Now come back to home screen of your mobile
STEP III – Then dial this code *#9990#
STEP IV – Now go back to bluetooth menu and try to turn off your bluetooth. You’ll surprised to see that your phone’s bluetooth is not turning off…
STEP V – If you want to turn off your bluetooth then you have to”SWITCH OFF” your phone and again “SWITCH ON” it, After doingthat go to BLUETOOTH PANEL and switch off your phone’s bluetooth , It’ll switched off
Enjoy and play this prank with your friends.

NOTE – This Prank works only in NOKIA S40 PHONES (e.g. Nokia 3110c, Nokia C2-01, Nokia 2690 etc)