Basically all Andriod Phones comes with a default File Manager Applications and some phone like Sony Ericsson don’t have any default File Manager at all, You have to Install it yourself.The Default App comes with some little or no exceptional Functions to handle your Files as you want, So you have to look for some other File Manager that can Satisfy your Taste, Enough are available in the Andriod Market, Though they are many File Manager App available there but ASTRO still remain the best File manager for Andriod Phone.
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Astro File Manager has some Extra File Manager because of its ability to:-
• 1 click backup support of your files and apps.
• Ability to kill unnecessary tasksand processes that eats your battery life.
• Ability to share the files & folders with other devices.
ASTRO file manager app helps in organizing and viewing your files such as music, videos, pictures, documents & other files.It looks same as your normal file explorer in Windows and is usedto browse all your files on your mobile. It support operations likecopy, move, paste, delete, open with other apps and create folders etc. It supports both list &grid view and also we can sort the files based on name, type & size. Even you can apply the themes which changes the look of the app. We can able to connect to the network via Bluetooth or Wifi.
astro file manager
• File Management and File Browser
• Backup of files and apps
• Provides image and text viewers
• Networking and Bluetooth
• File Search
• Application and Task Manager
Astro File Manager App currently has 30 million Downloads in the Android Market with more than 2.5 Reviews with an average rating of 4.6.
You can download this app either from Google Play in your Android phone or you can install the apk by downloading the app from the link below.