how to delete this kind of viruswhen you have no any anti-virus software ?
so let’s see, every file of virus has a attribute like this : Read only file, Hidden file , System file so now this kind of file can’t be deleted easily . so first how to get into that kind of drive ?
follow this steps
>go to my computer you can also type this shortcut key : ” WIN E ”
,find address bar on the top n type the location of your drive
for eg: D:
after the drive name colon is compulsory .okay now , hit the enter key
you w’ll be in that drive !
okay now how to find virus onthat drive ?
so let’s open the cmd command prompt go to run type cmd and hit the enter key , now in cmd type the location of your drive which is infected by virus . for eg: type :E and press enter
now type dir to view all the file on on drive
but the virus will be not shown at this time !
so what to do ?
you have to remove it’s attributes like read only , hidden , and system
so let’s remove the attribute
type attrib -s -r -h
hit the enter key again
now type dir and enter key
now you w’ll find the files of virus like auto run.inf or new folder.exe etc that are appearing as a unknown files !
so type del file name
or type rd folder name
eg: del auto run.inf
rd new folder
but if you got difficulty go on that drive as i told you and simply delete the file by clickingright click or del key !
if that file still can’t be deleted
download this software called unlocker to delete undeleteble file easily.this trick is also working on pen drive . you can remove virus from pen drive by doing this steps 🙂
so enjoy… !